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  • Company owners and Leaders
  • Leadership Teams
  • Managers and change leaders
  • Employees who are leaving the organization
  • Employees who are transitioning with the organization
  • Super users and end users

Produce Extraordinary Outcomes

Managing Corporate Change©

Thousands of individuals have now participated in Managing Corporate Change©. Throughout the United States and internationally this course has provided people at all levels in corporations the skills necessary to cope with the swirl of changes going on in organizations and the world today. Organizations are well aware of the changes necessary to survive in today’s business climate. From rapid growth, to downsizing, to mergers, to changes in work systems, to enterprise wide software implementations, the old contract for how work is done is being changed. The question is will people successfully adjust to these changes or be overwhelmed by them. In the 24 years that we have been offering Managing Corporate Change©, the course has helped individuals and organizations adjust to change in a variety of settings all with impressive results. Procter & Gamble has used Managing Corporate Change in nine different locations training every level in the organization. In every site offered production records were broken while projects came in ahead of schedule.

When Hewlett Packard was faced with a large reorganization, people were resisting all the changes and production goals were not being met. After the employees and managers attended Managing Corporate Change© the individuals became so productive the overall project came in ahead of schedule when that was considered a total impossibility. Quoting from a letter by Peggy Schlosser, the project manager, “The feedback from our employees who attended the Managing Corporate Change© workshop was the best I have seen in over 20 years of HP management experience in an organization that does a great deal of training.” Comments ranged from “the most singularly useful thing I have ever experienced” to “I have no idea the cost of the program but it’s worth every penny.”

Here’s why Managing Corporate Change© works:

1. The first thing that happens to people when they are faced with change is they have an emotional reaction. Most programs on change totally ignore this fact, in spite of participants telling us year after year that this is the hardest part of dealing with change. This is the first thing we address in our course. If people don’t get over their fear, anger, betrayal, anxiety or resentment THEY DON’T HANDLE THE CHANGE WELL no matter how logical and beneficial the change may be. Understanding this emotional component of changes helps managers cope and intervene effectively.

2. Why is change so difficult? Why do people seem to overreact and otherwise reasonable people become completely irrational? In the second part of the course we take a deep look into the psychology of change and why people react the way that they do. Without an understanding of what is going on managers misinterpret the behaviors and actions of employees in very negative ways. Those misinterpretations cause more bad decisions and actually slow the change process down even more. Managers at this point will “re-explain” the need for change making employees feel as though they are being treated as if they are stupid. Further damaging trust and relationships.

3. In the third part of the course we teach participants a disciplined creative thinking process so they can actually turn the change into something useful for themselves. No manager can show every employee how to make the change work for them. In this process individuals can see how they can take responsibility for themselves in the change process.

4. Lastly we teach requesting skills to get them beyond the normal “up by your bootstraps, do it on your own” approach to causing action. The vast majority of people when faced with a change become more self-reliant. It is unconscious and automatic isolating them from the support that is available.

Enabling Purpose Through Relationship©

What does it take to live a satisfying life? Certainly one of the most important factors is knowing and living consistently with your purpose in life. We are not talking about goals or even commitments but the central organizing principle that gives your life meaning.

The power of living on purpose is immeasurable. It energizes every part of our lives. Most of us have had the experience of being “on purpose” where our life flows almost effortlessly. Where our results are significant and things just seem to “come together”. But what does it take to live that way all the time? Not just trip over it occasionally.

This powerful course explores how to know, understand and live life on purpose. It also goes beyond individual purpose to having teams and groups living purposefully, as well.

When we live to fulfill our purpose, relationships become even more important. For most of us living on purpose has to do with making a difference in people’s lives. To do that you must have the ability to create relationships, so you have the ability to impact the lives of others.

Also when you are out to make a difference you will run into resistance. There will be conflict. Our ability to resolve conflict in a way that preserves or even enhances relationships is crucial. Damaging others in the pursuit of a goal is off purpose.

This course teaches both what it takes to be on purpose and what real life skills are needed to create and maintain relationships in the very diverse, chaotic, world we live in.

In this course you will learn:

-How to clarify your purpose and know how to recognize when you are on and off purpose.

-You will understand how living life on purpose gives meaning and context to your whole life and all of life’s circumstances both good and bad.

-You will learn the skills of listening and presence. Giving you the ability to create relationships rather than dependencies. Which will give you the ability to empower the people around you rather than having to control them.

-You will learn how to resolve conflict in a way that enhances relationship.

Productive Relationships©

Managers and informal leaders are now expected to be psychologists too, handling a diverse range of communication challenges for which they were never trained. Managers today are asked to listen to highly emotional employees, resolve a constant barrage of conflicts, motivate a workforce with diverse values and expectations, create teams out of groups who had only worked as individuals. Couple that with fewer rewards and punishments being available to most managers. Relationship is the key way work gets done now. PRODUCTIVE RELATIONSHIPS® has been teaching people how to do just that for more than 20 years. Teaching leaders the real skills and practical philosophy that allows them to build the relationships they need to get the job done every day. The course is highly experiential and taught through the real problems people bring with them to class.

  • Participants will be able to listen to difficult conversations and give accurate feedback of both facts and feelings in highly emotional situations rather than block communication that gets “too emotional”.
  • Participants will experience the power of self-disclose in developing relationships.
  • Participants will know how to resolve conflict rather than avoid or escalate it.
  • Participants will develop an in-depth understanding of where they err on the continuum of being too responsible versus not responsible enough. This concept is developed throughout the course in multiple contexts.
  • Participants will significantly increase their ability to both give and receive acknowledgement.

The expected overall outcome of the course is: participants will be able to create better relationships by virtue of the way they handle the day to day problems and interactions so that more work gets done with less stress on both managers and employees.

Organizations that have participated in Productive Relationships© include: Procter & Gamble, Steelcase, Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett Packard, Kimberly Clark, Arizona Public Service, Scottsdale Insurance Co., Coors Brewing Co.

Women Moving Forward®

This workshop deals with the issues confronting women. It will give you the ability to create the personal and professional environment necessary to make your skills effective and to put you in control of your career and your life. It is the most confrontational & emotional workshop we do.

This program is geared to:
1.Help you to move forward in your organization and in life.
2.Help you to see how your personal and professional life interact with and affect each other.
3.Assist you in being responsible for your own growth and development.
4.See how your own attitudes about yourself as a woman may have gotten in your way.
5.Enable you to use parts of this program in supporting other women and men.

This program has proven effective with every level of woman from vice president to technician. All women need to overcome pictures of “how it is” and “how it ought to be, so that they can have their lives the way they WANT them to be.

“The results of this course have been unbelievable to me! Your course provided me with the information to jump by leaps and bounds!”
Christal Fisher, Vice-President Product Integrity, Mary Kay Inc.

The four major subject areas are:
1.How to deal with the issues of organizational structure and power.
2.Identifying your goals and objectives and those your company has for you.
3.How to enhance your strategies and positions for the attainment of personal and professional goals.
4.Sharpening your communications skills to enhance your management style.

Each subject area will be covered through lecture, group exercises, individual exercises and people in the workshop sharing experiences.

Advanced Women Moving Forward®

This very special workshop is open to graduates of our “Women Moving Forward” and to women who have taken our more advanced courses.

Advanced Women Moving Forward is an intense retreat for women who want to experience, for a second time, the movement they had when they attended Women Moving Forward.

There are five subject areas to be covered in this three day retreat:
1. How to deal with organizational structure and power.
2. Identifying your purpose, goals and objectives at this point in your life.
3. How to adjust your way of dealing with work and relationships to live out your purpose
and reach your goals.
4. Completing the next level of relationships to move on in your work and life. There will be
a Completion Exercise.
5. Contributing to other women like yourself and being contributed to by those women.

Only 10 women will be able to attend each of these workshops. If you are interested please
contact us and reserve your space.

Westlake Village, CA
Workshop cost:  $2,750

Men, Relationships, and Work©

The expectation on today’s professionals has changed drastically in recent years. Influencing skills are becoming increasingly crucial to success everyday. Although the numbers of men and women in R&D, Engineering, Sales, Supply Chain and IT are becoming more evenly split, management is still predominately male. Men and women have distinctive ways of thinking and working. The ability for men to be attuned to these differences especially in organizations that still think and manage, in very traditional male ways, is difficult. Unacceptable employee satisfaction scores and unacceptable retention rates of women vs. those of men is an indicator of a systemic problem that must be addressed. Cultural differences add another layer of complexity to the problem that must be addressed.

It is unfair to expect men to adapt to the ever-changing environment and associated expectations without proper training. Men need different skill sets and understanding of the changing paradigms in order to communicate and manage more effectively. Beyond gender issues initiatives, economic pressures are forcing many corporations to create leaner organizations that can deliver greater productivity by leveraging every employee to their maximum potential. Traditional hierarchical, rule oriented, task driven and punitive management approaches prevent these new leaner initiatives from reaching their potential.

Expected Outcomes: Participants will manage and lead better by learning the following:

  • How they unintentionally cause conflict.
  • How to create stronger results using relationship based management.
  • How to manage, live or work with gifted, powerful women.
  • Understanding differences in the male/female brain structure and how to bridge it
  • How to recognize women’s contributions to retain and motivate talented women.
  • How to produce better results; increase productivity, with less effort, frustration and stress.
  • How to listen to difficult cross gender conversations in highly emotional situations and engage, versus blocking communication.
  • How to resolve conflict in a way that improves rather than damages relationships.
  • A functional definition of each participant’s purpose in life.

Men Relationships and Work® is a three day workshop. The course is highly interactive. Participants will be working on the real life problems they currently face. Each participant will have a 30 minute pre-call to assess individual needs and a one hour post call to support implementation of the course skills.

Advanced Men’s Course©

The Advanced Men’s Course© has produced powerful results for the participants in its first five years. Though the content will be new, the purpose remains the same, to offer men a forum to address the most challenging issues facing men today. This course is unusual in that it is designed as an on-going conversation over the 5 years of its existence. Each year builds off of the previous years. Consequently new attendees start the course one day earlier to “catch up”.

We will continue to develop the foundation issues of the course:
-Resolving betrayals as a leader, integrating successes into our self-esteem, having successful relationships with powerful women, knowing and living out of purpose.

This year’s theme will be responsibility. Many of us have been handed a definition of “responsibility” riddled with guilt and burden. We are often taught to be overly responsible so that we are constantly exhausted have no end to our day. We will look at a functional definition of responsibility that makes life clearer and maintains our ethics.

The course is taught in a retreat setting in the mountains of Colorado. Physical health will be highlighted as well; including work on nutrition and core strengthening. The course will provide an alternative to the “locker room” male relationships that most of us experience that are competitive with little or no support or substance.

The approach of this course will require participants to introspective, analyze their beliefs and definition of work, success and themselves. The course will be predictably uncomfortable, emotionally upsetting, disorienting and very rewarding. Participants unwilling to experience the above, to produce the results of the course, should not attend.

-Participation in at least one SVVC® course.
-An understanding that your results in the world are directly correlated to your physical health, mental health and personal development.
-A commitment to introspection and self-expression on difficult emotional topics not usually discussed with a group of men.
-Participants need to be willing to do extensive homework prior to the session.
-Participants will be expected to minimize interruptions and “emergencies” from their organizations so as to not effect the workshop negatively.

Westlake Village CA
Workshop cost:  $5,000

Leading Projects through Relationships, Commitment and Purpose®

So often as Project Managers, we do not have the power, control and rewards traditionally available to managers to get people to do what needs to be done. Consequently we must have the skills to influence behavior far more than control it. We must have both skill and personal development necessary to have people truly commit to the team rather than trying to force people without carrot or stick.

On any given team we have highly motivated experienced team members who have no personal agenda or competing motivations, just a commitment to get the job done. But many individuals find themselves on teams with conflicting commitments. It takes a deep understanding of psychology and human motivation to fully engage these individuals. This is exactly what this course delivers.

This course approaches the complex issue of motivation by understanding and utilizing the commitments of the individuals to motivate and gain buy in whether they are team member’s sponsors or upper management.

The course will be delivered in a highly interactive experiential format. This course is built around the real situations and problems the participants face. This course will be rigorous and demanding for the participants. They will be expected to be introspective and willing to share their insights and observations. The goal of the course will be to give the participants both skills and understanding to have their teams work. Each participant will be interviewed for his or her input prior the course to integrate their specific concerns into the design of the session.

Course topics:

  • How to build relationships and use them as the foundation of motivation.
  • Understanding the importance of the individuals’ personal commitments and harnessing that knowledge to create engaged team members.
  • Preventing and overcoming burnout for you and team members.
  • Knowing the value of understanding your purpose in life as a source energy and focus and context.
  • Understanding the skills necessary for resolving conflict.
  • Understanding giftedness, betrayal, perfectionism and other complex issues that subtly can undermine projects.

5 day version of the course includes a 2 day version of Productive Relationships®
3 day version for those who have previously attended Productive Relationships®

Smart People: Managing and Retaining Gifted Employees©

We all want smart employees. Scientists, IT professionals, Engineers, Managers. It is a war for talent that must be won. But do we really know what to do we have once we hire them? And do we manage in a way that actualizes their talents and retains the gifted employees?

Often smart employees apparently seem to come with a whole host of annoying, disturbing and exasperating traits. These perceived negative qualities often come from not understanding the qualities and components that make up the package that comes with giftedness.

Though we know they are brilliant and required to compete in today’s market they also can seem:
Abusive, Condescending, Arrogant, Aloof, Disorganized, Self destructive, Difficult, Overly Emotional, Low self esteem, Stupid, Clingy, Argumentative, Contrary, Inscrutable and Self absorbed

Most people do not understand “what comes with the package” of giftedness. Consequently motives and behaviors of gifted employees are misunderstood and responses of managers are often counterproductive.

This workshop unravels the mysteries of understanding and managing gifted employees. The workshop will give you tools and diagnostics to better understand and make better choices about how keep your brightest people satisfied and productive while keeping your sanity.
Participants will learn:

  • The high correlation between perfectionism and giftedness. How perfectionism negatively effects work product and makes acknowledging gifted employees so difficult.
  • A diagnostic for how to quickly identify the two majors learning styles of gifted employees and how to manage the differences and conflict and confusion generated by the differences.
  • To understand the apparent emotional fragility of gifted employees why they are so easily, hurt, disappointed and frustrated.
  • How to mange what seems to be constant upset and disappointment with “the organization” and it’s ethics.
  • How to assist employees with what seems to be unrealistic expectations of other employees, projects, management and even themselves.
  • Why gifted employees seem so high maintenance and what to do about it.
  • A tool for understanding how best to handle day-to-day communication with gifted employees to maximize results and minimize frustration.
  • How most gifted employees don’t think of them selves as gifted, which makes them come off as condescending, arrogant and impatient.
  • How generational and gender issues magnify many of the issues above.

The purpose of the course is to give individuals the skills and understanding to successfully manage and retain gifted employees.

Recommended Prerequisite: Productive Relationships
Workshop cost: $4,000
Workshop Dates: TBA
Workshop leaders: Susan and John Van Vleet

Women’s Leadership Retreat®

This Retreat is designed to have high level conversations with a select group of 10 women.
These conversations include the following topics:
• Purpose and how it drives your life
• Creating your reality through Declarations
• Context vs. Content
• The Power of Declarations
• Recreating one’s self

Pre-requisites to attend: Conversation with Joe and Bonnie at registration, must be a graduate of Women Moving Forward and another Van Vleet course and may need to have a pre-Retreat session with Susan to bring you up to speed to attend this year’s Retreat.

Location: TBD
Workshop cost: $4,950; $4,175 for returnees

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  • Our solutions deliver desired business results on time with a workforce that is energized rather than burnt out.
  • Our solutions deliver skills that are learned and are immediately applicable to both business and personal situations.
  • Our solutions deliver skills that are welcomed and embraced.

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