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Negotiation Skills Training

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Negotiation Skills Workshop

Throughout the United States and internationally this course has provided people at all levels in corporations the skills necessary to lead successful internal and external negotiations. Organizations are well aware of the need to drive value from their vendors as well as to maintain relationships and margins with their customers. Foundational negotiation skills are critical to thrive and survive in today’s business climate.

The question is, will people successfully negotiate on your behalf or leave value on the table to your detriment. In the years that we have been offering the Negotiation Skills Workshop, the course has helped individuals and organizations to embrace negotiation situations, to drive immediate value as well as to maintain healthy relationships with vendors and customers.

Most individuals (team members) do not know that most external negotiations start with successful internal negotiations, i.e. what do you really need and what does success look like. All are given goals, however in our complex relationships and compressed timelines, individuals can leave value “on the table” by not know what is really needed and wanted by the organizational leadership. Perceived “value” by one party can be a “throwaway” by another. You will never find this latent trading value, if you and your teams are not planning and preparing for negotiations.

negotiation skills training with JBK Consultants

Here’s why Negotiation Skills Workshop works:

Desired Outcomes:

  • To help and support YOU to be even more successful
  • Improve decision making personally and professionally
  • Build confidence in negotiators & organizational muscle through thoughtful planning
  • Use templates for negotiation and stakeholder management
  • Measure success, share best practices, celebrate wins

Concepts to be taught:

  • Negotiation Tool kit:
  • BATNA – Best alternative to a negotiated agreement
  • Should cost model with Most Desired Outcome (MDO) and Least Acceptable Agreement (LAA)
  • Types of negotiation and the associated phases
  • Power and coalitions
  • Internal and external negotiations
  • Why practice and role playing is critical
  • Tactics, traps and anchor points
  • Value creation & how to maximize value
  • Negotiation process and templates
  • Why negotiations fail
  • How to determine what the other party wants (ask them)
  • Listening skills and using silence as an advantage

Three day course using the following tools:

  • Reading “Getting to Yes” is a prerequisite
  • In-class review of the major concepts to level set
  • Classroom conversation with examples and templates for concepts, discussion and learning in homework, case studies and books
  • Role play in case study practice & analysis – adults learn by “doing”
  • Stories from instructor experience and participants
  • Bring a real scenario to class to support YOU with an existing negotiation for your Business.

Negotiation Skills Workshop

will be helpful for the following groups:

  • Organizational Leadership to understand the context and value of structured, negotiation skills.
  • Sales and Marketing Managers and Leaders
  • Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Managers and Leaders
  • Transportation and Logistics Managers and Leaders
  • IT Department Managers and Leaders

A brief list of projects that have used the Negotiation Skills Workshop:

  • Trained employees at Central Garden and Pet in procurement, sourcing, IT, marketing, sales and logistics in 2018 and 2019.
  • Trained logistics team members at Lesaffre in 2019.

Workshop Cost: $3750 per person if corporate sponsored. 50% discount if paid out of pocket. The workshop can also be brought into your organization. The course fee is $30,000 for up to 14 participants in North America. (In Europe and Asia $35,000 USD.) This does not include travel. Discounts are available for multiple courses.

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Negotiation Skills Training

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