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Business Consulting – JBK Consultants partners with clients to produce breakthrough business results with a workforce that is energized.

See clearly beyond the current strategic horizon to recognize opportunities that the competition cannot perceive

Our consulting delivers immediate results and are tailored to your needs – Executive one on one consulting, Leadership team workshops,  Team member and Shop floor teams execution support

The following is a list of our consulting services which can be tailored to you and your teams specific needs.

1. Strategic Sourcing
2. Procurement Operations
3. Product Design to Value
4. LEAN Manufacturing
5. Manufacturing Operations
6. Global Supply Chain
7. Product Development / Innovation


  • Our solutions provide bottom line savings and top line growth opportunities that are scalable
  • Our solutions will provide you the immediate ability to see new frontiers and to engage and enable teams to deliver the results.
  • Our solutions will co-create an organizational design that supports clear accountability and responsibility in critical business areas.
  • Our evaluation provides you a template and roadmap for improvement that builds on your strengths and addresses new opportunities.
  • Our evaluation provides you with a comparison of our offerings as they apply to your organizational needs and your competition.
  • You and your team will gain hands-on, practical skills about strategy and project implementation tools and skills and deliver desired results.

Fundamental changes in political and economic spheres will continue to have far-reaching effects on global and regional business environments. These changes have spanned regions across the world and are challenging the status quo.

The evolution and adoption of new, innovative technologies, such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality will have a profound impact on the global socioeconomic environment.

Your business environment is being profoundly impacted by these super-trends and it is critical for you to be thriving and not just surviving.  You can make massive impacts to your bottom line savings and top line growth if you choose to thrive!

JBK Business Consulting


What They Say

Carol Trier Testimonial for JBK Consultants

“I have been very impressed with Joe’s strategic sourcing and procurement capabilities. He has helped me and my organization to develop a 3-year glide-path for strategic sourcing and procurement as well as provided tactical plans for immediate impact with cost and cash savings. He has recommended an organizational structure and is aiding in the recruiting and interviewing of candidates. It has been a pleasure to work with Joe – I really appreciate all of his world class support!”

James Koenen, Former VP and GM, Anastasia Beverly Hills

“JBK Consultants has been a game changer for our procurement organization. Professional and thorough, Joe Knott has implemented a strategic sourcing initiative and delivered huge savings in several of our most important spend categories. A+ results. “

Thomas Benner, CEO Lesaffre Corporation

Carol Trier Testimonial for JBK Consultants

“Joe’s knowledge and depth of strategic sourcing and negotiations is world class. He has helped our team members to understand the basics as well as the advanced skills of negotiating for our company. The interactive negotiation skills workshop is a great blend of external books and videos combined with his knowledge of the subject over his 28 years in his professional career. The interactive “live negotiations” with our team members really helps make the course work “come to life” and integrates the learnings with our team members as “adults learn by doing”

Thank you, Joe for all of your hard work and insights. You are a great teacher as well as an expert in the psychology aspects. I look forward to continued support.”

Chris Walter, CIO, Central Garden and Pet Company

JBK Consultants collaborates with executive leadership to create a new conversation, generate new and exciting possibilities through creativity, and align the organization on its most attractive strategic frontier.

JBK Consultants- vision research innovation

Our innovative consulting approach helps transform your enterprise in real time, so that all interests are mutually centered on momentum and profitable, sustainable growth.  This approach drives new results in sourcing, procurement, manufacturing, supply chain and product innovation.

Creativity is one of the most powerful capabilities that businesses leaders—need for success. In many businesses, creativity has been grossly underutilized.

Our solutions support you to unlock creativity in yourself, your people, and your enterprise. By unleashing your organization’s creativity and addressing the invisible barriers, we facilitate the exploration and definition of a proprietary future of transformative growth initiatives. This unique innovation consulting approach continues through implementation to ensure the accelerated execution of these strategic initiatives.


  • What is your purpose?
  • What is the business in which we are engaged?
  • What is our ambition? What are our interim goals?
  • What promises must we keep to specific stakeholders as we pursue our purpose and ambition?
  • What trends, beliefs, and perspectives are we betting our future on? How will we monitor these?
  • What are our assets and investment level for these assets?
  • What are our competitive weapons?


Strategic sourcing practices and solutions

3 to 5 year strategic sourcing strategies and levers for value generation

Procurement (strategic and operational)

Cost and cash savings, vendor innovation, supply risk mitigation, team capabilities, vendor – customer service

Implementing Design to Value into your organization

Product efficacy versus global competition and analogs, market insights combined with new technologies and vendor offerings, cost savings, environmental improvements, new marketing claims

Manufacturing operations for liquids and aerosols processing and filling

Trouble shooting and evaluations to increase quality, decrease costs, improve OEE, increase capacity

Implementing LEAN manufacturing into your factory or your contract manufacturing partners

Evaluations to improve OEE, increase capacity, increase quality, decrease downtime and evaluation of infusion of capital to eliminate bottle necks.

Supply chain optimization from raw materials and packaging to your customers

Supply chain evaluation of new vendors, import and export lean supply chains, strategy review for scalability

We specialize in people, transformation and breakthrough results

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Our purpose is to help individuals, teams and organizations achieve breakthrough results.