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Strategic Sourcing Process Workshop

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Strategic Sourcing Process Workshop

Companies that link the value generated from strategically sourcing goods and services to their business budgeted plans on how to provide finished goods and services to their customers, will unlock latent value, year after year. Immeasurable value is created from organizations that are inventing portfolio strategies that are integrated and critical for their overall 2-5 year business plan. Couple this with strategically sourcing the portfolios and your supply chain will leapfrog your competition and bring in immediate and long-term value to your business.

This course has provided individuals and teams at all levels in corporations the skills necessary to create strategies for specific portfolios as well as to strategically source goods and services through a world class, repeatable, scalable process. Foundational 2-5 year strategy creation skills and strategic sourcing capabilities are critical to thrive and survive in today’s business climate.

The question is, what is your 2-5 year business plan and how do your portfolio’s (good and services) strategically support the plan? How and when will each portfolio be strategically sourced and “go-to-market”? What value can you be expecting from each portfolio to support your business plan for each year? In the years that we have been offering the Strategic Sourcing Process Workshop, the course has helped individuals and organizations to embrace the invention of strategies that are critical to the overall business plan and to strategically source negotiation situations, to drive immediate value as well as to maintain healthy relationships with vendors and customers.

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Here’s why the Strategic Sourcing Process Workshop works:

This is a key initiative to drive value for your Business

  • A disciplined and customized methodology – applied consistently throughout – for strategically purchasing products and services in dynamic, ever-changing supply markets

Vision For Strategic Procurement

  • Implement structured procurement practices
  • Build on standard, disciplined best practices
  • Share standardized processes across organization
  • Create value for BU’s alone AND together

“End Game” Objectives

  • Cost savings, Cash savings (WC), Increased Customer Service, Increased Quality, Reduce Risk and Innovation
  • Elevate organizational capability in the area of strategic procurement
  • Partner with Leadership
  • Best-in-class suppliers with competitive contracts

Strategic Sourcing Workshop drives value by doing the following activities;

  • Invites a broader set of suppliers to be rigorously evaluated by a cross functional, professional team.
  • Consists of a seven step methodology, integrated with a set of templates and a project workbook
  • Seven step process (strategic procurement process) covers the key phases of a procurement process and is based upon industry best practices
  • Each step is broken into key work activities, templates, and project management tools – making execution easier
  • Stage gates ensure management and key constituency alignment
  • Built-in feedback loop for process continuous improvement
  • The SPP is flexible and adaptable
  • Direct and indirect materials and services
  • Standardized tools to ensure straightforward use, consistent approaches, and ease of communications
  • Each Step contains a set of templates and project management tools that support executing the Key Activities
  • Each Step concludes with a check list to ensure thorough coverage
  • The tool kit is expandable to include additional tools, including automated e-Procurement tools, as well as examples from successful applications
  • The SPP Templates and Project Workbook are Intranet-based to assure up-to-date document control and real-time BU distribution

The training curriculum includes three courses targeting three different audiences

  • General Audience – Leadership
  • Selected SPP Team Members from Finance, Marketing, Legal, IT, R&D, Operations, and Sales on an as-needed basis
  • SPP Team Leaders, including Purchasing Professionals, Contract Mfg. Engineers, SPP Regional Process Owners, Commodity Team members
  • Organizational Leadership to understand the context and value of structured, negotiation skills.
  • Sales and Marketing Managers and Leaders
  • Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Managers and Leaders
  • Transportation and Logistics Managers and Leaders
  • IT Department Managers and Leaders

Sourcing Strategy Creation for individual portfolios –

drives value by having team leaders create a strategy with the following areas (adults learn by doing);

  • Executive Summary: What are the top things a stakeholder should know? Why are we going out to market now? Ensure a call to action is in place.
  • Material view: What does the materials (or services) value chain look like and what are the implications?
  • Internal View: What are we buying, who are we buying from, and how is this evolving based on business need and market trends?
  • Strategy: What are the 2-5 year strategic objectives and key actions that will be taken to deliver objectives and create a sustainable competitive advantage?
  • Team: Who is on the team and how will you work together?

In summary, the Strategic Sourcing Process and Sourcing Strategies will continue to evolve with your business, and consistently deliver and sustain results through out.

Key Features:

  • Rigorous methodology addresses changes in supply market by consistently executing Procurement process best practices
  • Customized methodology flexible enough to address differences in local, regional and global markets
  • Consistent methodology minimizes benefit deterioration over time as markets continue to change
  • Standardized methodology improves over time as feedback on the process is continuously incorporated

Sustainable Benefits:

  • Benefits and best practices from existing procurement teams captured and perpetuated throughout the organization
  • Best practices for achieving benefits are transferred to existing and new Procurement professionals
  • Future procurement team best practices captured in training material and tools
  • Training material and tools updated bi-annually to incorporate additional best practices and examples from BU team activity

Workshop Cost: $3750 per person if corporate sponsored. 50% discount if paid out of pocket. The workshop can also be brought into your organization. The course fee is $30,000 for up to 14 participants in North America. (In Europe and Asia $35,000 USD.) This does not include travel. Discounts are available for multiple courses.

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Strategic Sourcing Process Workshop

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