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Sandy Harerra gives testimonial for JBK Consultants
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This course was undoubtedly time well spent….

Bonnie and Joe did an outstanding job facilitating Managing Corporate Change and keeping it ‘real’ for the participants; their authenticity is contagious!

As a result of participating in MCC, I now have the tools and tactics to confidently manage & make change work, think exclusively in terms of possibilities and requests, understand the importance of truly listening and of completing emotions. The concepts are relevant to every aspect of life and when applied, they really are game changers. I recognize it starts and ends with me!

This course was undoubtedly time well spent, a fantastic investment in myself, as among other things, it helped me see myself differently. I now have clear accountability partners as I forge ahead and work to ‘dare greatly’!

Sandy Harerra, Director Supply Chain, Kohler Company

Paul Oster gives a testimonial for JBK Consultants
Paul Oster, woner, Strategic Procurement Solutions gives JBK consultants a testimonial

set the course ahead with renewed energy and enthusiasm….

Having attended Managing Corporate Change©, Productive Relationships©, and Leading Projects through Relationships, Commitment, and Purpose© in the past, I felt that the best way to support my career transition would be professional coaching, incorporating concepts from the seminars. A major career change brings up many emotions that are important to express and experience so that you can complete them and move on to the point of acceptance and a world of new possibilities. As a coach, Joe is a caring and perceptive listener who can truly empathize with you and your situation. Through coaching sessions, I was able to express and complete emotions, acknowledge past successes to rebuild self-esteem and confidence, clarify my purpose, and learn how to expand my network and open doors for myself. I learned to really appreciate this period of time as a gift to use in a positive way to decide what I want and to set meaningful goals for all aspects of my life. I’m happy to say that through Joe’s support, I’ve been able to complete the past, envision the future, and set the course ahead with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Let the world be advised that I’m back and ready to go!

Paul Oster, Owner, Strategic Procurement Solutions

testimonial for JBK Consultants from Carol Trier
testimonial for JBK Consultants from Carol Trier of Kimberly Clark

truly life changing for me….

The course “discovering your purpose” was truly life changing for me. My only regret is that I did not experience the course 20 years ago. I wonder what difference it would have made. I think in short, the workshop brought clarity to my purpose and life where there was fog prior. This work is a journey that I plan to continue and will recommend to my family and close friends so that they may have the same experience.

Carol Trier, Director Research and Development, Kimberly Clark Corporation

Brian Bradshaw gives a glowing review for JBK Consultants
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This workshop is life-changing….

Struggling with corporate or personal changes in your life? Do your requests to others often fall flat? Then Managing Corporate Change Workshop© is the key to unlock your success. The Change Model taught me that I was unknowingly spending 90% of my time in the wrong stage of change, effectively wasting years! However, in this workshop, I learned skills from Joe and Bonnie to clear emotions, create possibilities and take action to move towards a satisfying life. This workshop is life-changing and I cannot thank them or recommend it enough to friends, family and co-workers. Take your life back today – you won’t regret it!

Brian Bradshaw, SC Johnson, Global Project Manager

Jbk Consultants- Coaching Testimonial from Dan May
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JBK Consultant workshops are life changing.

I was fortunate to be with one of several high performing teams that Joe directed during his corporate life. The experience demonstrated that Joe doesn’t just turn on relationship imperatives when he walks into the office…he lives in that world. Over 29 years in corporate America, I’ve not had a manager invest as heavily in the physical, mental and emotional health of his teams. Joe’s desire to help employees perform at their best is genuine. And that makes his workshops life-changing.

Dan May, Manager, SC Johnson and Son, Inc., Chemical Procurement Manager at SC Johnson


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