About JBK Consulting

About JBK Consultants

Produce Profound Transformations

JBK Consultants, LLC was founded in 2016 by Joe and Bonnie Knott. Together they have been on a personal and professional journey since 1996 when they first met. Together they have two daughters and are committed to their mutual purpose – helping people, teams and organizations achieve breakthrough results. Over the decades, they have had profound changes in their lives both personally and professionally by further understanding on how to thrive in change, to be healthy and experience their emotions, to invent new possibilities, make requests, keep promises and ultimately achieve amazing results and desired outcomes.

Bonnie and Joe Knott, owners of JBK Consultants

Joe was working full time at RANK Ltd as VP Global Sourcing and CPO and Bonnie was working full time as CEO of their household, part time fitness instructor and part time school aide. Together they discovered their mutual purpose and have decided to focus 100% of their time to provide business coaching and business solutions to people, teams and organizations to help achieve profound transformations and contribute positively to the world.

Joseph Knott President, JBK Consultants, LLC

Motivated by a passion to help business leaders and teams to achieve dramatically improved results, Joseph Knott, President-JBK Consultants, LLC, has helped companies accomplish what might normally seem as impossible. His global experiences over the past 25 years provide him with a comfort level in working with a variety of clients across many different industries and geographic locations.

Joseph Knott of JBK Consultants

His background includes a range of corporate experience in the areas of leadership development, cultural transformations, strategic sourcing, procurement, supply chain, design to value, lean manufacturing, process engineering and production management. Joseph attended UW-Madison, Chemical Engineering and Marquette, MBA programs.

He has taken numerous Susan Van Vleet Consultants, Inc.® workshops, that have provided him with the context of change, skills and to seek his purpose in life – helping others to achieve their dreams. The coaching and workshops from Susan and John Van Vleet have profoundly changed his life and have moved his teams forward in crisis situations. Joseph has found a model to live a content and satisfying life while being on purpose and achieving new dreams.

Joe is passionate about his family, which includes his wife, Bonnie, and their children, Sarah and Emily. He also enjoys exercising, hunting, golfing, vacationing, reading books of all genres and managing a sustainable tree farm.

Joseph M. Knott, President, JBK Consultants, LLC.
Email: Joseph@JBKConsultants.com
Phone: 262-955-4267
FAX 414-858-9726

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Bonnie Knott President, JBK Consultants, LLC

Driven by her purpose to help others to overcome their fears and to achieve a healthy lifestyle, Bonnie Knott, President – JBK Consultants, is helping people and teams to achieve profound transformations.

Bonnie has taken numerous Susan Van Vleet Consultants, Inc.® workshops, that have provided her with the context of change and tools and skills to positively move forward.

Bonnie Knott of JBK Consultants

This supported her to change her career path and to discover her purpose of helping others to overcome their fears. She has also since became a certified group fitness instructor through AFAA.

Bonnie is a natural athlete with a competitive nature, perfect skills for a leader who is always looking for ways to grow her business along with the people around her. She brings with her a penchant for continuous learning and self-education.

Bonnie is passionate about her family, which includes her husband, Joe, and their children, Sarah and Emily. Bonnie enjoys golfing, fitness, vacationing and managing a sustainable tree farm. She is also involved in her community and always searching for ways to help those around her.

Other Business:
BK Empower Fitness, LLC
In 1990, Bonnie tried out for the “The American Gladiators” and became a contender. The Gladiator named “Ice” was ultimately her nemesis and knocked her out of the finals. It was then that Bonnie realized that she thoroughly enjoyed physical and mental training for intense events as well as overcoming her fear of failure.

She started this business because she is on purpose when helping people discover health and wellness and to overcome their fears of exercise. BK Empower Fitness, LLC can help with one-on-one tailored coaching in your home or at a gym. She will custom design a program to grow with you.

Bonnie A. Knott, President, JBK Consultants, LLC.
Email: Bonnie@JBKConsultants.com
Phone: 262-770-1548
FAX 414-858-9726

Bonnie Knott on Linkedin

We specialize in people, transformation and breakthrough results

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Bonnie Knott: 262-770-1548
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Our purpose is to help individuals, teams and organizations achieve breakthrough results.